Q: Have you ever been at a bar on a Saturday night watching Judge Joe Brown because the company was dull and do you think he might be competent?

by rafters

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From the upcoming full length by rafters.

We recorded this in four hours at a studio Beyonce and Janet Jackson recorded at. Engineered by Marcus Halseth.


She said, "'The Sun Also Rises' after it sets." I told her her statements wouldn't sound so lifted if it weren't for the laws of language. The Joy Division record quit spinning--all the constellations I hooked to my belt disappearing. In the bright white glow of the TV screen we try to figure out our names and what they mean. If we understood where to start, we could draw lines to the end. And maybe, just maybe, we could stop our anxious hands from shaking.


released July 23, 2013
Written by rafters.
Recorded by Marcus Halseth on 7/21/13



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